Welcome to Gatten and Lake Primary School PTA (Parent, Teacher, Association)

The main aims of the PTA are to encourage good relationships between parents, school staff, children and the wider community; to support the school and add to what is already on offer to make it the best possible experience for children and to continue the child centred approach of the school.

The PTA support the school through fund-raising events and activities which are designed to involve as many people as possible from the school community and wider local community and to make it fun and enjoyable for all. With this at the heart, everyone will have an enjoyable experience whilst making donations to support some activities and child centred projects financially.

All members of the school community are automatically members, however, there is a smaller focused group that meet regularly to celebrate what has gone well as well as ensuring there is a clear focus for the upcoming term and events are planned in the best possible way for success.

The dates of all meetings are put onto the school newsletter and school APP and attendance by as many people as possible is encouraged. The PTA is a great way to be involved in your child’s journey through Primary School and a way to contribute to the excellent events that are provided for so many to enjoy.

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!


Structure of the PTA

Designation on Committee Name of Person
Chair Anna Welsh & Linda Titchener
Vice Chair Kirsty Ferrin
Secretary Anna Welsh
Treasurer Wendy Ford
Publicity Officer Shanee Brown
Additional Committee Members Della Cule, Helen Ferrin, Lisa Lefley, Charlie Metcalfe, Trudy Westerman, Lidia Papp, Hayley Smith, Kristy Gee and Emma Wyman

Minibus target 2

Gatten and Lake Summer Fayre 2016


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PTA Annual Publication – May 2017

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